Disabled people

Community Circles are a great way for disabled people to get support to do more of what matters to them.

They are suitable for anyone – that includes people who have care and support already, and those who live independently without support.

What kind of things can Circles support people living with a disability to do?

Community Circles are completely flexible, and their purpose is always set by the person who the Circle is for. The Circle Connector will work alongside the individual to help them think about what would create the most positive change for them.

Some examples of things that disabled people could achieve through their Circles include:

  • Transitioning well from children’s services to adult services
  • Meeting new people with shared interests
  • Developing new hobbies
  • Developing ways to thrive at school or college
  • Getting into work or volunteering
  • Settling into a new area
  • Living well, independently


Here are some stories of how Circles have supported disabled people to do more of what matters to them:

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