Community Circles Training Day To Take Place in Manchester

Community Circles is due to host a training day in Manchester to introduce people to the approach. This training and development day is for people, groups and organisations wanting to explore the potential of Community Circles in supporting people to be happier, healthier and more connected.

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Community Circles in Extra Care Settings

Community Circles are working with Wigan Council to support care homes and Extracare settings across the whole Wigan Borough.  Circles make a positive difference in individuals lives and help build local community connections. As a Community Circle Connector in Wigan...

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Community Circles – Building a Community of Support

Webinar recording April 11th As part of the launch of our new membership for those wanting to develop Community Circles, myself and Cath Barton enjoyed presenting an introductory webinar this morning. You can see the recording here. We have made this first webinar and...

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The Essence of a Circle

Essence – the basic, real and invariable nature of a thing or its significant features At Community Circles we set out with the aim of developing circles of support at scale so that everyone can benefit.  We knew circles of support had been around for a long time and...

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