Circle stories

Community Circles are completely flexible, and their purpose is always set by the person who the Circle is for. The Circle Connector will work alongside the individual to help them think about what would create the most positive change for them.

Here are just some of the stories from people who have Community Circles.

How can I help you?

Marie, from Age UK, reflects on the barriers to people offering support to older people living in their community.

Doing More of What Matters…

In the last blog from Age UK Doncaster, we heard about Richard and his re-connection with composing music during lockdown. In this blog, we hear what happened to that piece of music and exciting next steps for Richard.

Making the Best of Lockdown

Circles at Age UK Doncaster faced similar concerns to others across health and care when COVID-19 swept across the country. They have been overwhelmed by the creativity and resourcefulness of their members, who have kept themselves incredibly busy writing, painting and making music!

Volunteers Making an Enormous Difference

We have never underestimated the difference our volunteers make to people’s lives but now, more than ever, when feeling connected is vitally important, we are so very grateful that the kindness, care and reassurance they are giving to people is going such a very long way to help make these worrying and uncertain times a little to easier to endure.

Dancing The Night Away | Eric’s Story

Eric was in his 90s and had recently experienced some health issues and given up driving. The combination of these events, had left him feeling isolated and lacking in confidence, even though he remained remarkably independent. With a little help from Age UK’s Circles project in Doncaster, Eric’s social life is now flourishing!

Cycling With Sight Loss

We are currently working with Sight Advice South Lakes, an amazing charity which is developing the Circles model to support people with visual impairment. They are currently helping a 100-year-old lady whose goal it is to ride a bike once more!

Flourishing Relationships

One of Community Connectors describes how Alice and Fiona have become part of one another’s lives through Community Circles and their shared love of the outdoors.

The Volunteer Matchmaker

Michelle works to develop Circles with older people living in the community in Doncaster. Part of her role involves matching volunteers with opportunities to get involved. In her most recent blog she talks about the challenges of matching volunteers and how to alleviate the frustration they may feel when waiting for a match.