Circles for older people

Community Circles are a great way to support older people to live well.

Community Circles have supported both older people living in their own home, and people living within a residential care environment.


What kind of things can Circles support older people to do?

Community Circles are completely flexible, and their purpose is always set by the person who the Circle is for. The Circle Connector will work alongside the individual to help them think about what would create the most positive change for them.

Some examples of things that older people have achieved through their Circles include:

  • Getting out and about more
  • Reconnecting with a faith community
  • Being supported to restart a hobby that they enjoy, such as swimming or singing in a choir
  • Meeting new people
  • Creating more opportunities for quality time with friends and family
  • Taking steps that will enable them to live well at home, such as thinking about how they are being supported with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning and shopping


Here are some stories of how Circles have supported older people to do more of what matters to them:


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