COVID-19 is an international issue, crossing borders and restricting life across the globe. Our colleague, Andrea, who works with Circles in New Zealand, shares, in this blog, what they have been doing to continue to breathe life into the Circles community during the pandemic.

One of the decisions I made recently was that COVID is not having the final say for 2020! Like all of us a frequent question has been ‘How else do we… ?’

One of the hopes we had at the start of the year was to travel to Australia see how others have established Circles in their community and to learn from their experiences. It became obvious early on this was a no go.

As our ‘innovation’ muscles have got work-fit over these recent months the solution arrived  – like so many other adaptions during lockdown it made complete sense and will be useful long term – excitement grew for me as we sent out zoom invitations where ever we found Circles that sounded like similar mahi-work.

Last week Part I of our ‘Let’s Talk Circles’ discussion happened including UK, Canada, Chile and NZ – giving us new allies both locally and internationally. (Australia will be in our second series as their time zone precluded the others involved).

As it was, us Kiwis had to get up at 4.30 am to be ready to host at 6 am! Together we shared who we are, what motivates us, examples of our work and conversation took off from this point as we quickly discovered we draw from the same values and experience shared joy of seeing connection, steps being taken towards people’s hopes and the mutual gains experienced from all involved in a Circle. We were a bit sad to finish but are looking forward to Part II in November.