Commissioning Community Circles

Our mission at Community Circles is to make sure that anyone who wants a Circle can have one. This means people in all sorts of circumstances and that Circles will work with lots of kinds of groups and organisations to achieve it.

Commissioners of public services have a very important role and Community Circles is keen to engage with commissioners, albeit not in the traditional way that “providers” and commissioners interact. We seek partnership arrangements with commissioners who see value in Circles, rather than a traditional supplier-tendering organisation arrangement.

Commissioners can:

  • Invest to support the embedding of Circles in a local area – for example with start-up grants or include in local development initiatives – an example of this would be in Wigan MBC where Circles are being embedded in the local care and nursing home sector via use of innovation grant funding and in Extra Care housing by embedding them into local developments

  • Include the development or spreading of Circles in local development strategies. For example: i) encourage and support service providers to include and embed Circles in their offer, for example using Social Value; and ii) consider how Circles can contribute to local asset based strategies including alignment with complementary initiatives
  • Support the spread of Wellbeing Teams which include Community Circles Connectors to support people to access community opportunities

  • Facilitate connections between Community Circles and local community and faith groups and others who might wish to develop or support Circles as part of what they do. This might include making organisations aware of the free materials available from Community Circles

  • Support volunteering and business links in areas where Circles are active

Interested in learning more about how we work with commissioners?

Just get in touch with any questions and we’ll can send you further information.

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