Circles Family

Circle Family is a membership programme of monthly community events and opportunities, to help people to connect around shared interests, creating the conditions for friendship and mutual support.

It is a partnership between Community Circles, Wellbeing Teams and HMR Circle, funded by The Big Lottery. Circle Family supports people to use the great resources that are already present in communities and creates new opportunities to connect. It is where community connecting meets social action and mutual support.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, all of our activity is taking place online – please visit our open Facebook Group to find out more.

Under normal circumstances our monthly programme is based on:

  • Weekly Coffee Clubs – for people to meet up, for new-comers to be welcomed, and for people to plan their month (coffee and Chrome books available!) and Men’s breakfast (to support more men to take part)
  • Regular events and opportunities that reflect what people are interested in
  • Organised visits for example movie night, theatre trips
  • Taster sessions – for people to try new hobbies, eg water colouring, brush calligraphy,
  • Social action sessions – ways to contribute, eg Guerilla Knitting (decorating parks with knitting),
  • Short term projects – for example a term of working in a school to listen to children reading, co-creating local history project with local artists
  • Come dine with me (we can organise takeaways for this – no cooking required!)
  • Volunteering opportunities – eg Community Circles

Each Circle Family is facilitated by a paid Community Connector working with a Co-Production Partner.


Hello, I’m Becky from sunny Wigan, and I coordinate the program over in Ashton! When I was younger I was always really keen to try my hand at anything, so I joined all sorts of clubs and groups, from sailing and swimming to gymnastics and choir. I’ve always been told I was a bit of a chatterbox, so as an adult, Ashton Circle feels like the perfect fit for me, as I get to continue to try all sorts of different activities and hobbies, and meet and chat to lots of lovely and interesting people!



Hi, I’m Megan and I’m Circles Connector for Abingdon Circle. I’m a local and Oxfordshire born and bred. I’m a mum to 4 young children and a qualified Occupational Therapist, having worked in the NHS before joining Wellbeing Teams and then Circle Family! I love to meet people and strike up conversations and I also love to see people getting the most out of their life and to watch reciprocal relationships unfold. Being a Community Connector feels like a unique opportunity to be part of enabling people to do more of what matters to them; that doesn’t feel like work!



Hi, I’m Sharon and I’m a mum of two and a qualified Social Worker. Prior to Circles I worked for both local CCG’s & Wigan Council. My journey with Community Circles in Wigan started two years ago when I became the Community Circles Connector for three extra care settings in Wigan. During this time Circles in extra care grew from Circles focussing on connections for one person, to those that concentrated on connecting a group of people who shared an interest. Groups of people connected around singing, baking, gardening, jewellery making and much more.