Sight Advice South Lakes

We are a vibrant and caring local sight charity meeting the needs of those affected by sight impairment in the South Lakes. Our volunteers are involved in everything we do, from governance to supporting people on an individual basis. The Community Circles project has connected more people to their local community and offered them opportunities for leisure, creativity and socialising. We are looking for patient, optimistic and empathetic volunteers with a sense of humour and fun to support people in the community helping them to access a wide range of activities from crafts to dance classes, social groups to volunteering opportunities.

Volunteers are matched with people to suit their availability and interests. All volunteers are given training in supporting people with visual impairment and have regular contact with their peers and Volunteer Support Officer.

Below are two examples of the experiences that our volunteers and the people we support have shared with us:

 “It wasn’t always easy; we both learnt a lot about patience but we got there and it was a great feeling when he spoke to his family for the first time using his new computer knowing I had helped make it happen” Community Supporter and Circle Member

“I am very grateful to Enid (volunteer) and I have met some new friends and we have had lovely outings together.  I have also met Enid’s husband who tells me new ways of coping (with sight loss)”.  June, who has recently starting to lose her sight which has affected her confidence.

If you’re interested to find out more about our volunteering opportunities, contact Julie by phone on 01539769055 or email to find out how you can help people to connect and make a positive difference in people’s lives and your local community.