Age UK Doncaster

The Community Circles Project at Age UK Doncaster is helping to combat loneliness and social isolation among older people in our area

Volunteering with us is flexible – just 2 hours a week can make a real difference to someone’s life.  Just like the people we support there’s no ‘one type’ of volunteer.  We believe that everyone has something to offer and we will help you to volunteer in a way that works for you.

  • We will provide full training before you take up your role (no prior experience is necessary)
  • We will accompany you on your first visit and continue to keep in touch with regular review visits 
  • We will help with ideas and local knowledge about resources available in the area
  • We have regular team meetings for our Circles Volunteers
  • We provide regular opportunities for get togethers
  • We pay mileage and also reimburse up to £5 a week for expenses incurred while you are out and about
  • We will provide ongoing support throughout your time with us

Let’s tell you about Angela and the difference having a volunteer has made to her…

Angela is 70 and lives alone in Doncaster; she has always been a very sociable person and thrives when she is surrounded by people. When we first met Angela she was bereaved, depressed and would go days without seeing anyone. 

Age UK research has found that in a typical week almost 2.6 million people aged 65 and over speak to three or fewer people they know and 225,000 older people often go for a week without speaking to anyone. Community Circles is trying to put a stop to this by supporting people to get out more and make new connections.

Each Circle has a clear purpose that aims to connect someone to something they are passionate about.  It could be about reconnecting them to an activity they used to enjoy doing or it may be to help them find new interests they can get involved with.

Angela’s purpose was to ‘join a group and meet new people’. Angela was matched with a volunteer, Judy, who supported her to join a craft/social group at their community library. Angela has made several friends within the group and is now volunteering herself on the project and supporting other people to make new connections in their community. 

This is what Judy, Angela’s volunteer, has to say about her experience with us, “I think it’s been great. It makes me feel ten feet tall….I find it hard to explain how much of a difference it makes to people. Every time they get another step up in their confidence it makes you feel good. It makes you feel good that you’ve had a part in it.”

We are achieving some great outcomes for the people we support and want to continue to reach as many lonely older people as possible.  Can you help us?

To find out how you can get involved please contact the Circles Team by email at or phone us on 01302 812345.