Connections with purpose and meaning for people living in care homes

An online course delivered through 7 weekly sessions

Dates: Throughout June & July 2021

What will you learn?

Following this course you can get started making a difference straight away. Course participants will learn how:

  •   A range of community and person-centred approaches delivered via various types of “Community Circle” can help support people to access connections with purpose and meaning to them and grow community opportunities to grow these connections
  •   To successfully develop and start to apply a range of effective approaches which don’t require major resources but which can increase your impact in building connections and opportunities
  • ·A range of effective tools and approaches can be applied in practice, adding value to what you do including via use of communications technology

What else is included?

Access to a range of practical tools and templates for use along with examples and stories of successful connections

 Guides and materials for the development of Community Circles

 Optional online support between sessions, via a course group

Here is the flyer for more details.