Making a reality of asset-based approaches

Connections are at the heart of our wellbeing. Covid has shown us just how vital people are to each other along with the chance to pursue things that give us purpose and meaning. How can we support connections during the current situation and take them forward into the post pandemic world? During the pandemic many people have struggled to keep connected to friends and to important activities.

At the same time Covid has challenged us to consider whether some of the existing ways of offering support remain fit for purpose – adapting approaches including making better use of technology.

Are you supporting people who are looking for ways to keep involved with the things that matter to them, exploring new opportunities and ways to connect? Are you a commissioner or development worker wanting to build such approaches as part of prevention or asset- based strategies?

At Community Circles we have been evolving and developing our approaches both before and during the pandemic, into many forms of “Circle” that enable people to connect and contribute in their communities. Our work is part of a wider range of “asset-based approaches” starting to radically change both social and health care.

Our range of programmes and courses will support you to explore using person centred approaches and tools to find out what matters to people and creative ways to enable what is practical and possible for keeping people connected and safe.

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