Webinar recording April 11th

As part of the launch of our new membership for those wanting to develop Community Circles, myself and Cath Barton enjoyed presenting an introductory webinar this morning. You can see the recording here.

We have made this first webinar and recording public to give as many people as possible an opportunity to hear about Circles and what they can offer. The rest of the series and many more resources are available to people who become members (at very low cost!).

The idea behind the membership is to build a supportive community of people and organisations who want to make Circles happen for all those who could benefit. Hence we have made it very low cost and will use the income to support the community and develop and share useful materials and learning. Our model for growth of Circles is to learn, share and transfer. We are not and will not become a large organisation setting up in localities. Rather we aim to offer something that can add something to what existing local community groups and organisations are working to achieve with local people

On the webinar you will hear Cath and myself outline what Circles are for and how they work, offer a range of examples, share information about our free Do It Yourself Materials and describe the different kinds of partnerships we are developing – from the tiny to the large scale.

Regarding the membership we speak about the various offers: webinars, e-learning materials, advice and support, cost price access to our national gatherings. Our plan is to shape the program around the needs of the members. So if you want to be in at the start of something we think is going to be a bit special – do join us and please share the recording with anyone you think would be interested

Martin and Cath