Megan is a Community Circles Connector, running Abingdon Circle. She is also involved with the Circles Connected group. In her blog, she shares what life has been like for her since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK.

At Community Circles one of our most important values is bringing our whole selves to work and I think during lockdown and the uncertain times we face at the moment this has never been so important. We each bring different strengths and passions to what we share on our Circles Connected group, which has been going since just before lockdown, as we have been unable to do our face to face activities. Some of the most enjoyable things for me have been my weekly gardening piece and my 3 times a week poetry share.

My weekly gardening section has been fun but a challenge in some ways. My husband wasn’t sure it was the best idea as I don’t have the best track record with plants but we’ve now got sunflowers, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries, a peony plant and a willow tree as well as wild flowers that will bloom in a month or two and thriving indoor plants too. I’m quite proud! It’s been a great focus for lockdown and being able to share it with others around the country and to get tips and see what others are up to in their gardens has been fun and a good way to connect. I’ve learnt a lot so far! It’s been a brilliant one to involve my children in too as they’ve been off all through lockdown. I’ve always enjoyed the spoken word and English at school was one of my favourite subjects. Sharing poems throughout lockdown has given me a chance to explore and practice reading out loud! I’ve enjoyed finding poems that are new to me as well as revisiting special ones. It’s been lovely to see the meaning it has given to other people too. Mo said she has developed a love of poetry she never had before and others have enjoyed favourite poems they haven’t heard in a while or shared others with me. For me the biggest honour so far has been being asked to read and record a poem John wrote for his late wife.

I think one of the most important things I’m taking away from this time is that we can all offer each other something, no matter how small and even when we are apart. We may be providing daily content and activities on our group but we wouldn’t be there without our members who are generously contributing, sharing and suggesting. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and connections we are making and the lessons we are learning along the way.