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Small Sparks

What is a Small Spark? A spark of an idea to make a difference in your local area. We are currently supporting Small Sparks ideas in Ashton-in-Makerfield.

With a small pot of money we want to help people to turn their ideas into ways that bring people together in their neighbourhood.

Many people have great ideas but a lack of resources or money gets in the way. Traditionally applying for a grant takes time and co-ordination and it can be uncertain whether you would be successful or not. This can discourage local people from trying.

We want to make this an easy process through Small Sparks. Small Sparks is a small grant of £250 available to local people with an idea that brings people together. The application process is easy and quick, and is little more than you would put on the back of an envelope.


  • Becky used the £250 to built a little library in the local flower garden, to bring people together over their shared love of reading. The ripple effect of the Little Library, was Cath felt inspired to start a book club. She applied for the Small Spark pot of money to purchase the first months book for each member, and to buy some cake for their first meet up.
  • Jed used the pot of money to repair and renovate the shed on his local allotment, to create a space for all his fellow allotment users to get together for a cuppa and a catch up, and to share gardening tips.

Here are some other ideas to bring people together through Small Sparks:

  • Alistair used the Small Sparks money to help set up a cinema club and people come together around their love of films.
  • Jem used Small Sparks to start a Ukulele group. They bought 3 uekeles that they could lend to people who wanted to learn, and paid for 6 lessons to get the group going. They now meet in the local pub on a Tuesday evening.
  • Gia got her neighbours together to tidy up the alley behind their gardens, and held a garden party for everyone involved and their families.

We are starting in Ashton, Wigan to show how a small amount of money can spark a difference in the community.

What would your Small Spark idea be?

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