Lynda’s circle meeting, January 2015

It was lovely to get together at Lynda’s circle meeting, the first one of the New Year. Our opening round shared something good that had happened since the last time we met, there were lots of stories of Christmas, holidays and family time.

One of the first things we reflected on was the roles within the meetings checking that everyone was happy with their roles. We talked about the role of hospitality which up to now had been taken on by Alan and Lynda and we had been treated to lovely buffets and scones. I had chatted before with Alan and Lynda about sharing this role with the other circle members and offered to make a banana loaf for this meeting, Everyone is happy to make a contribution, so next time Sheila is taking on the role of hospitality.

Our conversations continued to reflect on our previous actions and to think about what was working and not working. It was lovely to hear about the things that are working well for Lynda and Alan; going to the memory café, developing new friendships and arranging get togethers and trips out and also Lynda volunteering at the walking group.

One of the things Alan mentioned he would like some support with is cooking. In the past Lynda had done most of the cooking but now Alan is taking on this role. The circle members chatted about what good support would look like and are developing a casserole club. Making an extra portion for Alan and Lynda when they are cooking that Alan can store in the freezer. We are all looking forward to swapping recipes too. A simple solution and a contribution everyone is happy to make.

The meeting was really relaxed, lots of chatting amongst friends, positive actions developed and a real sense of belonging, people coming together for a common purpose.

For our closing round we shared what we had appreciated about our time together. Lynda took this opportunity to say through prayer what she had appreciated about everyone. It was a lovely moment, recognising how important Lynda’s faith is to her, her warm and generous appreciations of each person, capturing the generosity in the room and the sense of belonging we all feel as part of Lynda’s circle.

Cath Barton

Community Circles Connector