Are you interested to find out more about Community Circles?

Community Circles create opportunities for people to come together to have better and more connected lives.

Helen Sanderson MBE, CEO of Community Circles and Cath Barton, Development and Operations Lead are hosting a free one hour webinar on Friday 6thMay at 10am.

Join us to find out how Community Circles work in a variety of organisations and in communities, how you can get involved and the range of support we offer.

Topics will include;

  • Hearing about circles of support and the difference they make
  • Learn about Circles Connected and how we support people to connect around shared interests
  • What we are learning and new ideas we are trying
  • The varieties of ways we can work together and our offers to support you and your organisation

If you are a commissioner or manager keen to create opportunities where relationships can flourish, then this is the webinar for you.

Register your interest here