Hi! My name is Sharon and I lead on Circles in extra care, Wigan, at three very individual settings. All three settings are for ‘older people’, however, this category encompasses people ranging from 50 to around 90 years young. Extra care is classed as ‘independent living with support’ so people living there are often very able and as such can make active contributions to their Communities.

A number of people are involved with Circles in extra care with both ‘individual’ Circles, those which focus on connecting one person to the things that matter, and ‘larger’ Circles, where more than one person is connected to the things that matter to them collectively. To illustrate these Circles, I thought I may be useful to share some short ‘snapshots’ stories with you of current Circles;

Henry’s Hens

Henry’s dream was to have a shed and some chickens. His volunteer helped make this happen by making phone calls to the local Men’s Sheds who could build the shed for him.

His volunteer helped by asking a local chicken rescue to come and visit them at the setting where he lives. The chicken rescue spoke with him and other residents about caring for the hens.

Henry now has his shed and 4 hens living at his setting

Other people who live there help him to look after the hens.

Joan, Baking Queen

Joan had always baked; she talks of how she did not know you could buy cake or bread until she was 11 as her family had always baked together at home.

Joan’s loss of sight meant that she was struggling to bake.

Her volunteer started by baking with Joan, just helping her where needed.

Joan’s volunteer encouraged her to share her baking skills with others at her setting. She now helps teach others how to bake as part of a large baking Circle where she lives.