How do you know what something will look like if you haven’t experienced or even seen it yet? Well you could draw a picture, write a predictive text or you could take a little time to dream, the image of our mind’s eye, the something possible.

The first step of any journey can involve not just dreaming your dream but conveying this to others.

In extra care, the first stage of my dream, to embed Circles and have them available for anyone who wanted one, was to convey my dream to those in the environment. Those who could water the dream seeds I was planting. Those with whom I could nurture and grow Circles, allowing them to flourish.

So, how did I start?

1. Understanding your environment – I Spent some time getting to know the environment – joined existing activities, chatted to people living and working there.

2. Watering regularly – Find the best way of keeping in touch with you with your main contact at each setting – for
me this was the care and support managers. I found some preferred a text or phone call, others an email. I established regular meetings to discuss a way forward together. We talked about responsibilities and ownership for each stage of the process – who helps with which part?

3. Nurturing and encouraging growth – I took people on a journey with me – we started brainstorming together –built some excitement – talked about people and possibilities – talked about breaking down walls and barrier and how we could do this together.

4. Introducing new nutrients – I involved our building managers – they have knowledge and experience with the people whom are living in settings and have helped us overcome health and safety barriers.

So then we were dreaming the dream together – next we had to find a way to leap in tandem….

Sharon, Community Circles Connector