Within Community Circles, the second meeting always takes the form of a particular person centred planning style, helping to develop actions that will support the progress within the circle.

lyndaFor Lynda’s second circle get together we had a person centred review; thinking about what is important to Lynda now and in the future, what does good support look like and what’s working and not working.  Recording this information supports us to think about what actions can be developed that will ensure Lynda has what’s important to her in her life and support positive change for her and her husband Alan.

I’m always delighted at the conversations and contributions in a person centred review; people coming together, thinking with each other about what difference they can make and developing actions.

We started with an opening round of appreciation, sharing what we like and admire about Lynda…

  • Lynda’s a lovely person, kind and thoughtful
  • Lynda’s loving and caring, she has lots of time for others, she’s selfless
  • She’s lovely
  • She’s bubbly and lovely to get on with
  • Lynda’s a lovely lady
  • She’s modest and kind, so many qualities
  • Lynda’s kind, a good friend
  • I always enjoy her company, she’s a good laugh and a great listener
  • Lynda’s very welcoming
  • It’s always a privilege spending time in Lynda’s company

Our conversation moved on to think about the things that are important to Lynda, things which give her quality in her life.

Lynda’s faith is really important to her, so we wanted to make sure that Lynda continues to be part of her church community.  Seeing her family too is really important.  Although they see one of their sons every week, Lynda sometimes struggles to know how far away the next visit is.  Their other son lives quite a distance away, so face to face visits are less often although they regularly speak on the phone.  To have more face to face time Alan is going to arrange a weekly Skype call with their sons.  Lynda really loves seeing her family and where distance can be difficult, technology can support face to face time.

We also wanted to think how Lynda’s husband Alan can have some time to himself.  One of Lynda’s friends suggested that she would love to spend an afternoon a week with Lynda.

Through conversations actions were developed, small changes which will have a positive impact on both Lynda and Alan’s well-being.

Through conversations, other ideas were discussed; Lynda helping out at the memory café, which will support her to have a valued role and share the great qualities she possesses, being in a busy environment which we know is important to Lynda.

A gathering of people with a common purpose, contributing together to make a difference is a wonderful thing.

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have”
Margaret Mead

I think Lynda’s circle may be changing her world.

For our closing round, we shared what we had appreciated about our time together.  One of the circle members said how enlightening the review had been; “We’ve discovered what the issues are, now we know how to help, it’s made room for action”

Despite the strength of friendships, sometimes it’s hard to offer and to ask for help, I think the review supported those positive conversations which lead to change and great support.

Other circle members said how useful it had been now they know what they can do to help, that they had thoroughly enjoyed the review and always a privilege to spend time with Lynda.

PostcardAs well as the support Lynda has from her circle I can see the ripples the circle creates, supporting the well-being of all circle members through giving and connecting with others.

As Rev Alan Poolton says, “Being part of a Circle is a very precious kind of privilege because it involves being welcomed into the heart of a family.  I get back far more than I give in return.”

To find out more about person centred reviews, watch this animate


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