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The Cream Cake Get Together

Mary takes a great pride in her appearance, loves having her nails done and being pampered and loves to receive compliments.  She has a great giggle which can brighten everyone’s mood around her.  Mary enjoys all things to do with holidays, from planning to reminiscing about them till the next one.

cake-288367_640Mary enjoys going to church but recently hasn’t been able to go as regularly as she would have liked.  The purpose of Mary’s circle is to support her to reconnect with her faith community and further develop these networks and relationships.

Once we had established the purpose of Mary’s circle, thought about our roles and ground rules, it became clear that cream cakes were a must for all the circle get togethers and an important role was one of ‘cream cake organiser.’

The closing round shared what a positive experience the first get together had been, with all circle members looking forward to the journey together and the difference that conversation and action can bring to Mary’s quality of life.

Our next ‘cream cake get together’ will be a person centred review, thinking about what’s important to Mary now and for the future, what does good support look like and reflecting on what’s working and not working to develop positive actions.

Person Centred Reviews

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