Georgia is a young lady living in London who gets support from our partners the Brandon Trust to live her life to the full. Georgia has a learning disability and is autistic.

Through her Circle, Georgia wanted to try new things and meet new people in her local area. Her mum, dad, key worker Julia, and Circle facilitator all come together regularly with Georgia to make this happen.

New ideas, new horizons

Julia said of Georgia’s Circle:

“It has also been great for us to come together and share progress and have people involved, who might otherwise have been sidelined. We are better connected now, the Circle know each other on deeper level than before. We have all bonded over snacks and laughter around the dining room table.

The circle is slowly growing and blossoming, as we had hoped. Soon I feel I won’t be needed at all! Family members are coming along, friends that I think had some reservations about attending are now willing to get involved. Some people can’t physically make it along but can join in remotely, in their own time. We are all becoming better connected around Georgia, at the epicentre of the Circle.”

This blossoming Circle has helped Georgia with her goal of trying new things. Through her Circle, Georgia has:

  • Started a work placement
  • Began volunteering
  • Joined a social group
  • Started her Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

With the support of her family and friends, Georgia is growing in confidence and taking more ownership of her Circle. As Julia says, the group really is “stronger together”.