Cath Barton writes about why she loves her job as a Community Circles Connector

#1 It’s a privilege to be part of someone’s circle.  In a Community Circle you really are invited into the heart of a family, invited into an intimate gathering where positive change can take place

#2 I can see the ripples of positivity that the circle creates.  Giving and connecting with others are two of the Five Ways to Well Being.  Community Circles invite people in, supporting people to share their contributions, their knowledge and gifts.  As well as the benefits to the individual, the circle supports the well-being of all its members through connections and contributions

As Reverand Alan Poolton says “I get back far more than I give in return”

#3 I’m part of a community of people wanting to make a difference, recognising the value of relationships and who offer their own gifts and contributions

#4 Seeing connections and relationships develop

“The world is round so friendship may encircle it” Teilhard de Chardin

#5 Community Circles support my belief that people are kind, thoughtful, considerate and want to make a difference, that they care about others and are willing to help

#6 Community Circles uses person centred approaches which can achieve great outcomes for people.  I continue to be delighted at what can be achieved by people coming together, sharing their knowledge and developing actions

“We’ve discovered what the issues are, now we know how to help, it’s made room for action” Alan, circle member

#7 Community Circles asks how can we do this together

“Instead of asking what can you do to help me? Someone with a circle says, this is what I want or need, how can WE make it happen” Lynne Hamnett, Our Futures Circles Project

“Having a circle stops you feeling all the problems are on your shoulders” Debbie, about her circle of support

#8 Community Circles encourages facilitators from all walks of life and supports them in a role contributing to the person and the community.

#9 Sometimes it’s hard to ask or to offer help. Community Circles supports conversations that can make a difference.

#10 Community Circles recognises the gifts, talents and contributions of all its members.

#11 I love seeing the spread of the use of circles as a technique for bringing people together and creating better lives and better communities (Max Neill)

#12 It is about free flowing, natural support for people that isn’t constrained to a service, and where people bring their own networks to someone’s circle and make links where it is just the obvious thing to do (Helen Smith)